Crazy Weed


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Crazy Weed is a Metaverse designed for relaxation and enjoyment. Come and experience it today! Please note that entry to Crazy Weed is restricted to individuals who are 21 years of age or older. 

Cannabis Metaverse

THC is our DNA

Everything we do is aimed at creating an outstanding Metaverse where users can chill. By chilling, we mean enjoying - from visuals and sounds, to relaxing, but also having the opportunity for relaxed and Chill Mode-adapted interactions.

Crazy Weed is developed by chillers, for chillers. Our team caters to various needs, providing not only a space for relaxation and enjoyment but also granting access to experiences and events that take play-to-earn to a whole new level.

We highly value authenticity and transparency at Crazy Weed. We develop step-by-step, unlocking worlds and features as quickly as possible. Our agile approach involves your participation and feedback in the development process.

Crazy Weed isn't just for those who are high - it's for everyone who loves to savor the extraordinary. If you're high, Crazy Weed is your ultimate highlight.

A Cannabis Metaverse

Design, Innovation, and Technology: Our Pillars 

Our company strategy is built on three pillars that we value greatly:

  1. Design - Beauty of form, unique and extraordinary architecture - a feast for the eyes - that's our goal. With creative architecture, we set a high benchmark for Metaverse design and continuously strive to improve - all with the aim of creating a paradise for you.
  2. Innovation - The Metaverse already offers numerous possibilities today, but we aim for more! We want to find new ways to significantly enhance the benefits for you. Our team places a strong focus on developing additional features so you can fully enjoy the maximum advantages with us.
  3. Technology - We always rely on state-of-the-art technology to make our goal more attainable - to become one of the top 5 Metaverses.

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